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Mar 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
double murderer released from prison and calls police to tell them he'd killed again. dennis stanworth is one of dozens of california inmates released after a 1972 supreme court decision overturning the death penalty. laura anthony looks into how many others have killed again. >> he was known as linoleum knife rapist. >> this woman talking about convicted double murderer and rapist dennis stanworth. one of dozens of former death row inmates later set free. in 1966 he was sentenced to death for the brutal kidnap, rape and murder of two 15-year-old pinole girls. carey and susan box. their family members are haunted by the crime he had them stripped and carey ran. he yelled if you don't come back, i'm going kill her friend. she came back. he shot hear in the head. >> he sat on death row, then, everything changed. >> first, california supreme court and u.s. supreme court determined the death penalty was unconstitutional l by mid 1970s they had their sentences reduced to life in prison. all were eligible for release. besides stanworth the group included charles manson and sir hahn, sir hahn
Mar 27, 2013 6:00pm PDT
we need to go. >> gm reggie mckenzie and head coach dennis allen may have to wait a few years from fielding a competitive team. today releasing tommy kelly this, move frees up 6.5 million in space for 2013. the 32-year-old had a combined 14.5 sacks but only one last year, we used to say he's too old making too much money. a's right fielder had his best year as a pro last year. 32 home runs and 82 rbi. 15 assists and led the team with post game pies in the face. >> this will be tough. hopefully playing the game hard and keep my mind right z good things goring to happen. this is not too much thought going through it. >> what do you work on? >> maybe trying to folk ous yus on going the opposite way just trying to quit going pool happy. >> manager of the year this year. >> i do. i enjoyed it. and he keeps us under a strict watch. he let's personality run wild and it showed last year. and he's talkative. >> still getting used to that caveman look on josh. jared parker gave up three home runs. giants beat arizona today. he had six k's and brandon bell had four in the last four games. and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2